Makeovers Mauricia

Mauricia has never liked her front teeth, and has been embarrassed to smile since she was a child. Her teeth were severely worn and discolored. We were able to make an extreme makeover in her appearance by placing cosmetic crowns on her upper teeth. Now Mauricia loves her teeth, and can’t stop smiling!

Notice that not only her teeth, but her whole face looks rejuvenated!  Teeth provide support for the facial muscles,that is why Cosmetic Dentistry can completely change ones appearance. When designing Mauricia’s new smile, we chose longer teeth to give her more youthful appearance, and increase the length of her lower face. All of that is making her look and feel younger, happier, and more confident!

before makeover with crowns at Family Dentistry of san antonio
after makeover with crowns at family dentistry of san antonio


Anatoliy has not been able to smile for a long time. His upper front teeth were wearing down, and had a number of old  fillings and crowns that had broken over the years. The best solution for his smile makeover was to restore the front teeth with porcelain fused to zirconia crowns. The final result looks natural, and suits his facial features really well. Now Anatoliy can finally smile with confidence!                


Zirconia crowns are metal free, look a lot better than the old porcelain-fused-to-metal type of crowns, and do not have black lines at the gumline like the old type.